Sunday, June 8, 2014

PSY & My Vegan Hangover Remedy

I've had some bad hangover/drunk moments.

The worst time has to be my last non-vegan meal. I was 19 and out drinking with Andrew (who was my boyfriend at the time),  his brother and his girlfriend. For some reason, when I drink, I suddenly become a bottomless pit. So, in all my wisdom, I decided to down an entire plate of greasy beef and cheese nachos. The theory was sound. Greasy food should help alleviate a lot of my drunk symptoms and prevent me from getting sick. But it didn't really work out that way. I got the world's worst case of helicopter head when we got back to Andrew's parent's home and vomited... everywhere. Did I mention this was Andrew's PARENT'S house? I was mortified. It was so disgusting and the smell didn't leave for weeks.

Anyway, point being, there are a few things I ritualistically do to prevent hangovers - and they're all very vegan now. And in lieu of PSY & Snoop Dogg's new song "Hangover", I thought I'd share them.

The Indy Vegan's Hangover Ritual
Otherwise known as the "try not to vomit at your in-law's again" ritual

  1. EAT PIZZA OR SOMETHING BREADY & GREASY - The best vegan pizza delivery in the broad ripple area is  WB Pizza. They even have vegan deep dish. And it's one of the few pizza places that hasn't converted over to daiya cheese. So if you're not a fan, this is a good place to go! They're also super nice and wouldn't judge you for being a little tipsy! :) My other go-to is the Taco Bell drive-thru. I'm less a fan of doing this because it's a huge pain to order (especially while drunk), and everything in fast-food has that vegan question mark over it. But if you're in a pinch, I order a 7 layer burrito (or 6) and remove the cheese and sour cream. You can also get (and this a pain to order) a beef supreme chalupa, remove beef, cheese and sour cream, and sub with beans, rice and guacamole. If they make it right, it's heaven to a vegan drunk. I don't recommend nachos or anything pointy. At the very least, if you do get sick, the pizza and chalupas come out much smoother. 
  2. TAKE 2 PREVENTATIVE ASPIRINS - This may seem unnecessary, but taking a pain reliever BEFORE you start to hurt is really, really effective. I take it just before I go to bed. Or if you happen to pass out in your taco bell, you can take it in the middle of the night when you wake up to go to your actual bed.
  3. CHUG WATER - This is a tip I picked up from Andrew. Before I go to bed at night after a night of drinking, I chug water. It's painful and my tummy is already super full from all the drinking and step 1 of this method, but it's probably the single most important step. You're dehydrated and that's basically all a hangover is, right? (I'm not a doctor, don't quote me on that)
  4. DON'T DRINK TOO MUCH - Truth be told, I don't drink very often and I get drunk even less often. One of the easiest ways to prevent hangovers is to just not get drunk. But you knew that already. :)

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