Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Life Happens | Where I've Been the Past Year

Baby Hugs at 9+ months!

Pregnancy is a funny thing.

Back in June of last year, my husband and I very unexpectedly discovered we were expecting our first baby. And anyone who's been pregnant before can attest to not only the stress of planning for a new little one, but also the nausea! I couldn't eat anything that smelled COOKED for at least the first four months. I basically lived off of fruit and pie, because it was all I could stomach. And that doesn't make for a very good food blog. Then of course, there was the move to a bigger house, with more space for our now growing family. My husband starting his own business out of our home in order to be with the family more.

With all that, there's no wonder why this blog died so suddenly. But with that note, my little one is now 4 months old - beautiful, happy, and everything a baby should be. I hope to continue blogging here now that I've gotten the hang of the whole motherhood thing. Although, I imagine this will change with each passing day.

As he grows and begins his life eating solids, I hope to be able to share our experiences, to bring encouragement, ideas, and insights to other parents of vegan families. And of course, for those veteran parents out there, advice is always and greatly appreciated!