About Me

That's me, wielding 2 soy-based, all vegan gelato cones in the streets of Florence, Italy. And that about sums me up. I love eating, exploring, traveling, and being outdoors. I'm happiest away from an office and in front of a stove with one of my dogs using the kitchen mat as a bed. I find peace in cooking amazing vegan meals. And to put it in Grey's Anatomy terms, cooking is my happy place.

I've worked in vegan kitchens and bakeries, and I can honestly say it's my passion. But passions don't always pay the bills, so I use blogging as my "dream board" in the hopes that some day all this posting will inspire me to finally open my own restaurant.

My husband is undeniably my soulmate. I'm a California native, and have been in the midwest about 6 years now - love brings you to strange places. I miss my family and friends back home dearly, but I get over there as much as possible. Economics was my passion in college, but lately I've been learning all I can about marketing... although I don't consider them separate subjects. You can find me hiking at one of Indy's awesome city parks on the weekends or sipping beers on a patio in Broad Ripple. I love good movies and great TV - and probably watch too much of both. I'm a soy latte addict, Mexican food fiend, and a brand loyalist.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my food. It's really the thing I'm most proud of in this world.

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