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To be completely fair, I haven't been in Indy very long, but I have been here long enough to know that in and around Broad Ripple is the best area to find good vegan eats. Here is my current, constantly evolving, completely bias guide to what you should eat when you're here. Want to stay up-to-date on my reviews? Check out my yelp page.

The Sinking Ship
Awesome vegan options from wings to burgers to gyros. Low price point and plenty of beers. They even do brunch on Sundays!

Twenty Tap
Great beers and a killer Bahn Mi with fries. They make their own vegan mayo in-house and it rocks!

Broad Ripple Brew Pub
My personal favorite - one of the best vegan fish 'n chips spots with a delicious vegan tartar sauce. They have a good beer selection and weekly specials that often showcase all sorts of vegan goodness.

Elevation Burger
So, so good! You can build your own burger (and veggie burger #2 is vegan). The best part, it's cheap and good for vegans watching their calories (all nutritional facts are available on their website).

The Flying Cupcake
If you want a bomber vegan, gluten-free cupcake, this where you go. Hands down.

The Landmark Keystone Art
Not a restaurant, but if you happen to be at Elevation Burger and are hankering for a movie and something sweet, this is the spot. Showing all your independent film needs, PLUS they have Alternative Baking Co. Cookies and vegan friendly chocolate bars!

Petit Chou
This is one of those unique places - it's classy, high end, and happens to have some to-die-for vegan options. Order the warm quinoa salad to start followed by the lentil burger (made vegan!) and pop open a bottle of champagne (it is a champagne bar after all), and indulge!

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